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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11:00, search and rescue crews believe they may have found debris in the search for that missing airasia jetliner. good evening everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm janelle wang. raj and jessica are out tonight. late-night developments surrounding the airasia flight which disappeared over the weekend. in the past hour reports of debris spotted. pieces that resemble a plane door. an emergency slide and a life vest. at this time it has not been
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linked to that passenger jet. flight 8501 took out from surabaya, indonesia sunday morning bound for singapore but it abruptly dropped off from the radar 42 minutes into the flight. moments after the pilot reported poor weather. there were 162 people on board. the search for the missing plane now in its third day. the search area in the java sea has also expanded. nearly two dozen planes and helicopters along with 30 ships have been scouring the scene. the "uss sampson" is also on its way at the request of the indonesian government. the san diego-based destroyer was already in the western pacific and is expected to arrive in the area within the day. if we get any new information that goes into our newsroom regarding this debris and the plane we will keep you posted in this newscast and tomorrow morning on "today in the bay." now to a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. new details tonight about that rare coyote attack last week. two people were bit nen fremont before police were able to kill the coyote. >> it happened in the
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neighborhoods around the mission san jose area of fremont. nbc bay area spoke exclusively with a 5-year-old boy who was bitten and the father who fought off the coyote. >> reporter: it was christmas day around 5:30 p.m. mayur parnerkar watched his 5-year-old son leave the house to meet friends on the sidewalk. checking on him one last time before closing the door he saw an animal approaching. >> i thought it might be a dog. but then i got suspicious because there was no owner. >> reporter: when mayur realized it was a coyote he started down the stairs, and that's when the wild animal bit little bradmesh. >> the coyote come and just he attack me. >> it's like i had to be there to save to rescue my son. >> reporter: so mayur tried to scare the coyote off. >> i took my son's scooter and just throwed it toward him. >> i ran and stand behind papa. >> reporter: his mom then grabbed him as mayur kept
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himself between his family and his coyote easing back toward the house. >> he was so aggressive. he was looking into my eyes and i was completely -- i was shaken. >> reporter: after a two-minute staredown with the animal the family made it safely inside. >> yes, i was scared. >> reporter: this is what the wounds on his thigh look like today. the family says alameda county public health called to say the coyote was tested and did not have rabies. >> still we can see like it's like really scary for us. >> reporter: and while the parents are still on the lookout, bradmesh is feeling better and back to himself. in fremont, ian cole, nbc bay area news. if you think it's cold tonight, temperatures will be dipping even lower this week as we track a cold blast heading right for the bay area. live look outside right now showing clearing conditions over san jose, helping to set the stage for a chilly morning. live team coverage for you tonight. let's begin with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking this blustery weather. >> heading all the way up to
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canada. that's where the source of the cold air is coming from that's going to be hitting california. right now minus 4 in calgary. seattle with 34. portland 34. and boise at 25. we're beginning to feel some of the impasse across the sierra with 25. we get a closer look across the bay area beginning to dip into the 30s across santa rosa petaluma. also back here toward napa with 39 degrees. for the east bay also some slightly colder temperatures at this hour. 36 in walnut creek and 39 in danville. not nearly as cold in the south bay but still chilly for our standards with widespread 40s. our first 30 coming on the board right now in los gatos with 39 degrees. here's the deal. our storm system continues to move from the north across canada down here throughout california. not only decreasing the temperatures for those morning lows but increasing our wind. a wind advisory in effect from noon on tuesday through noon on wednesday. winds 20 to 40 miles per hour. likely could bring more power outages and downed trees. we're going to track more on these top wind gusts and where
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it could be the worst plus details on who could drop to 27 degrees in about 15 minutes. >> wow. below freezing. okay. thanks, jeff. on this cold night some people are bundling up and heading outside. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is one of them. she's live in san jose with more. and cheryl you've been talking with people out in the cold tonight. >> reporter: i have. and i'm one of them. i don't know if you can see it but do you need any proof? it is cold out here. now, i also learned tonight that it's time to brush off those coats and gloves if you have it. and the last time i checked it was 46 degrees. and there you have it. some people are enjoying the cold weather. others are just trying to find a place to stay warm. ♪ oh there's no place like home for the holidays ♪ and it's no place like downtown san jose's christmas in the park for fun. especially tonight as the temperatures started dropping. >> it's pretty cold but we came really bundled up. scarves, layers.
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everything works here. my nose is turning red like rudolph. >> reporter: the coburn family warmed up with hot cocoa and tea. >> we just had to replace the batteries in our thermostat and we're ready to go. >> i like cold weather. so bring it on. >> reporter: chilly temperatures are here. while some people are enjoying the fun that winter weather brings, others are looking for a place to keep warm. late today santa clara county put together an emergency cold weather plan for the homeless. >> but the numbers have been steadily rising here. and we're getting pretty close to our capacity of 250. so we're going to research what it would take for us to go over capacity. >> reporter: starting tomorrow the center will be open all day through sunday so people who have a bed for the night can stay during the day and not have to go out in the cold. >> with ice and cold weather coming a lot of people have been wanting to protect their plants outside. >> reporter: ace hardware in campbell is running low on plant covers and insulated domes, which cover larger plants. >> it helps the plant almost
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create like its own little greenhouse, so it keeps all the warm air and the gas inside the plant. that way it doesn't freeze, and then you don't lose fruit, it doesn't stunt the plant. >> reporter: now there's another cool idea that i learned tonight. if you want to keep your plants warm, wrap your christmas lights around it and put a sheet over it. that could keep your plants healthy during this cold snap. reporting live in san jose, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thanks cheryl. it may be cold but that doesn't stop people from working out. coming up in about ten minutes, why that could be bad for your body. and as this cold sets in be sure to download our nbc bay area app for your smartphone. you can get personalized weather forecasts along with our real-time doppler radar. it's free for apple iphone and android users. just into the newsroom fire crews and police investigating a vehicle fire in campbell. the fire department tweeting out these photos of the fire. it broke out near south bascom
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avenue near campbell avenue. police say the three car fires are considered arson but at this time they're not believed to be related. police have not released any information on suspects. a beloved bay area vice principal is being mourned tonight after being killed in a bicycling accident. police say herman shen was riding near dublin on herman road with about 60 bikers. some cyclists crashed in front of him, he swerved to avoid him and going right into oncoming traffic. a truck hit and killed him. he was vice principal in berkeley. and that's where a memorial started to grow in his honor. >> he was such a bright person. always smiling. very, very very in tune with his students. >> he just appreciated every child for who they were and helped them to be a better person. >> the school plans to hold a memorial when students return from winter break. the news also heartbreaking to another school. he had just been hired to become the new principal of justin
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ciena, a catholic high school in napa. he was set to start this coming school year. some people didn't get their morning newspaper. that's because the delivery van was involved in a police chase that stretched across the bay area. our nbc helicopter caught the end of the chase in san leandro. the van carrying issues of the "san francisco chronicle" was still in the city's bayview district this morning. police chased the suspects down 101 and across the san mateo bridge and eventually arrested them on a dead end street. at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow jim harbaugh will officially be introduced as the new head coach of the university of michigan. it's been a whirlwind couple of days. yesterday harbaugh led the 49ers to a win against arizona. today he left town. and tomorrow he starts his new job. geraud moncure joins us next with what's next for the 49ers. geraud. >> well, [bxñ%anelle i'm going to tell you right now, i bet he's not losing a whole lot of sleep over this thing. he's got a big day tomorrow. with the jim harbaugh-49ers divorce final just a little over 31 hours now, the coach has
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already moved on to open arms and bated breath at his college alma mater. multiple sources reporting tonight harbaugh has already signed his new deal at michigan. here he is this evening arriving at an ann arbor hotel before tomorrow's 9:00 a.m. pacific time press conference. the deal is a reported six years for $48 million. now, after four years and three straight nfc championship games, bringing the 49ers franchise back to elite status harbaugh returns to the collegiate ranks after 49 professional victories. those wins however, not enough to overcome his differences with both ceo jed york and gm trent baalke. >> this wasn't us saying jim, you're fired, you're not here anymore. this wasn't jim saying i don't want to be there, i'm leaving. it was a discussion that took place over you know a decent amount of time to figure out what's best for everybody involved. we've talked about it. we talked about different scenarios, different opportunities. and ultimately we just came to the conclusion it was best for us to go in different
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directions. >> we're not in a rebuild. this isn't a rebuild situation. this is a reload situation. got a lot of confidence in this team, the players in that locker room. >> and speaking of the players, you could see it in their faces and hear it in their comments as they cleared out their lockers today. this was a move many did not approve of. i'll have that for you coming up later in sports. >> okay. we'll see you in a bit. thanks geraud. next at 11:00, a high-end heist. thieves hit the bay area's most exclusive restaurants. the valuable items they took. then, forget credit cards and bank accounts. why even your fingerprints might not be safe from hackers. plus why is the president apologizing to two army captains because of a weekend golf game? we'll explain. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the coldest corridor in the bay area right now, walnut creek to danville, 36 to 40 degrees. we're talking who will go down to 27 degrees, and i'll have that for you in just a few minutes.
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new at 11:00, a high-end theft at one of the bay area's most expensive restaurants. thomas keller the chef and owner of the french laundry, tweeted that several bottles of wine were stolen on christmas day. and these were not your normal bottles of wine. we looked online. the cheapest ones cost more than $1,500. each. keller says the bottles are so expensive if seen in public they'd probably raise red flags. giving a thumbs up in a photo may give scammers an easy way to steal your identity. hackers in germany were able to create a copy of a person's fingerprints just by scanning
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and enhancing photos of a person's fingers. this is creating concern for security companies obviously. that's because more people are using their fingerprints as a pass code for their smartphone. apple's new payment system also uses a person's fingerprints for purchases. a new quicker way to determine if someone has ebola is now available in the u.s. the fda has given the green light to a fast-acting test that can detect if someone has the virus in a little more than three hours. standard tests usually take a day. this is important because the earlier a diagnosis is given the quicker treatment can begin. so far the new tests have been approved for emergency use only. it's not available to the general test. as we've been saying throughout this newscast it is going to be fleesing cold in the bay area in the next couple of days. and if you plan to work out, you want to be prepared for the elements. nbc bay area's leanne favro continues our team coverage from los gatos. >> reporter: i'm here at the head of los gatos trail and
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tomorrow you'll see a lot of people running on. but experts say be careful because this cold weather could increase your risk of injury. these athletes are hitting the stairs on communication hill in san jose. working out is a good o0ithing. but experts say if you're exercising in 30 or 40 degree temperatures you could increase your risk of injury. >> if they think they're going to have the same length of stride with a muscle that's not really warmed up they may end up with some mild strains all the way up to tears and complete ruptures sometimes. >> reporter: he also recommends athletes take a warm shower before they exercise in the cold and use a foam roller to stretch muscles before their workout. and he says wear the appropriate clothing. he says often people wear an extra pair of socks. then their shoes are too tight and their feet go numb. and be sure to drink plenty of water. >> you don't feel the dehydration as much in the winter, and then dehydration can cause cramps. and then if you're pushing through that definitely you're going to have injuries.
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>> and he says after you stretch start exertion right away before the cold can decrease the benefit of your warm-up. sports medicine specialists also recommend that on extremely cold days you exercise indoors to minimize your risk of injury. in los gatos marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> hearing from a lot of people in the newsroom the cold weather is a wonderful feeling to work out. >> really? >> some people in the newsroom. and also meteorologist jeff ranieri saying he likes it out there in the cold weather. >> really? i say do the workout video inside the house. >> ooh. i like that. i like that a lot. give yourself a little bit of a break. let's get a look right now at current temperatures. mainly clear skies across the bay area. that's what's really going to help those numbers drop as we head throughout tomorrow morning. it's called radiational cooling. without the cloud cover up above there's no blanket to kind of keep the heat in from the day. so it's able to escape in the upper atmosphere. right now 45 in the south bay. definitely chilly there.
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39 in the east bay. feeling the cold. and also 38 in the north bay. the number one coldest in that location. with another six hours to come we're going to see those numbers drop even more for tuesday morning. here's the deal. most of the bay area about 95% of us will be dropping into the 30s. for tomorrow morning you're going to make sure to leave the car to warm up for quite a bit. i don't think you're going to have to scrape too much off the windshield. it's not going to get cold enough. but still pretty chilly in the south bay. 36 for your low. the east bay with 34. for san francisco you're so close to the pacific ocean. the waters help to retain some heat. that's why temperatures are not going to be as cold there. the the north bay 33 with some isolated 20s possible where we have some of the lightest wind expected in the interior valleys. all in all expect the biggest chill for tomorrow morning. make sure the kids have the jackets if they are heading back to school early. let's get a look at the storm system np area of low pressure moving in from canada. it really is kind of the reverse direction from where we see these storm systems moving in.
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usually from the pacific right across california helping to school in the pacific moisture but with this not passing over the pacific at all we're not going to see any rainfall from it. we get two side effects. the cold air as we mentioned but the second side effect as that storm system pushes down california will be the wind. gusts 15 to about 35 miles per hour. it's going to ramp up from 3:00 to about 9:00 with that wind. all areas of the bay area will be feeling it. north bay, east bay, south bay, peninsula with coastal and bay averages 37 to about 42 degrees and for the interior areas 27 to 32 degrees. the biggest problem is not going to be the cold. it's going to be the wind. the ground is saturated from that historic december rainfall. you have winds 10 to about 20 miles per hour at least to start for tomorrow morning in the east bay and south bay. possibly 34 to 36 miles per hour in santa rosa napa. that's going to be good enough
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that we may have some power outages, possibly some treeds down. it starts to get windy late tomorrow morning through the evening hours and all the way through wednesday morning as well. about a 24-hour event here of some wind, and then eventually by wednesday, late wednesday and also into thursday we'll see that wind calm down for us. so overall, again, i think the wind's going to cause us some problems and when it comes to the cold weather we're going to see numbers drop the most by wednesday morning. that's going to be the coldest for you where you want to make sure you cover the plants also bring the pets inside. may have to do a little scraping on the windshield in napa with 27 expected by wednesday. that's nearly 10 degrees below your average. los gatos 31 by wednesday morning. san jose 34. and also san francisco at 39. just a little future look ahead there. as we get you to your microclimate forecast tuesday. no problem by the afternoon. sunny skies, temperatures in mid 50s for a lot of the bay area. san jose expecting 54. morgan hill also 53. palo alto 55. san francisco also some low to mid 50s. for the north bay, east bay, and
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also for the tri-valley temperatures anywhere from 50 to about 53 degrees. but again, notice for tomorrow morning again going to be a cold start with those temperatures starting off in the 30s throughout the north bay. let's get you into the next five days and you can see no rainfall expected on wednesday, thursday, or friday. afternoon daytime highs stay in the 50s. you're probably wondering, all right, we talked about the cold we talked about the wind. what about my new year's eve? we've got you covered here. looking pretty good clear skies not only in the daytime but also the evening hours. great for any fireworks celebrations but with temperatures in the 30s and 40s you want to make sure to bundle up. and just because we got the time tonight let's take you to it. our rain futurecast does show our next possible storm system well offshore by monday. next monday that is. we may not get any rainfall till next thursday. it looks like about a moderate storm system. we'll keep an eye on that. you guys enjoy the crisp cold air tomorrow. >> thanks so much jeff. still ahead, the president apologizes after his golf game
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forces a couple to make a last-minute change to their wedding. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. shailene woodley is my guest tonight. plus we've got michael shannon, music from eric church, and something fun with brad pitt. you've got to watch. we're on next.
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new at 11:00, people will have trouble connecting to the internet at downtown b.a.r.t. stations and on some trains. the transit agency says it is ending its test trial of free wi-fi. however, the company providing the wi-fi claims b.a.r.t. is illegally backing out of a long-term contract. b.a.r.t. says riders were not happy with the service. cell service should not be affected. do your kids want to stay up until midnight on new year's eve but you'd rather have them go to bed earlier? if so netflix has you covered. netflix released a video that helps trick your kids into think it's midnight on new year's eve whenever you want it to be. the animated video features a character from the madagascar movies that happily exclaims "it's midnight somewhere."
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a recent poll shows nearly 40% of parents say they would like a countdown in a different time zone so they can celebrate new year's earlier, and now you can have it anytime you want. a presidential apology issued to two newlyweds who had to move their wedding because of president obama's golf game. the couple, both army captains, planned to marry yesterday on the 16th green of the marine base hawaii golf course. but the night before they were told the wedding needed to be moved because the president was playing golf there. when the president found out, he called to apologize. >> i feel terrible. nobody told us. >> it's actually even got a better view. so it was really a blessing in disguise. >> the new ceremony space, like they said had an even better view. so the couple couldn't have been happier. glad it worked out. >> happy ending there. you know it's not just the 49ers looking for a new head coach. the raiders need one too. >> yeah. geraud moncure rejoins us next with the latest on two coaching searches. back in a moment.
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hello again. geraud moncure here in the comcast sportsnet studios. with jim harbaugh set to be announced as the new coach at michigan tomorrow, the question for the 49ers who to hire for a
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position sure to face a ton of scrutiny. from the sound of the locker room today his replacement is going to have to bring a lot to the table. >> he's going to have to have pretty much everything that jim harbaugh had. because he was good. he was really good. i mean if you look at our -- who we were our identity in the beginning before harbaugh even got here. i mean we were pretty much nothing. made it to the super bowl. which is the reason why we play this game to make it to the super bowl. we did that. >> 49 wins in four years. that's a heck of a record. and like i said that's a high expectation for the new coach to come in and be held up. >> defensive coordinator vic fangio and defensive line coach jim tomsula are in-house candidates for the gig. by the way if you're interested in harbaugh's michigan introduction, you can catch it on comcast sportsnet bay area with coverage beginning at 9:00 a.m. now, while all the talk has been about the 49ers' meltdown there's also another head coaching job open in oakland. tony sparano hoped his stint
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with the raiders as the interim guy will be good enough for him to lose that label in place of a permanent one. >> all i want to do right now is be the head coach of the raiders. so, how badly? very, very badly. this is my team. i left my team today. and i'm looking forward to starting over again with them. those decisions will be made down the road. as far as anything else with me goes, i only have one concern right know that's to be the head coach of the oakland raiders. busy night on the college hardwood. arkansas pine bluff visit maples pavilion, where stanford is unbeaten. first half action robert cartwright comes up with the steal, delivers to anthony brown for the slam. cardinal up 19-1 and they roll. stanford 6-0 at home 74-39 the final. on to moraga. usf visiting st. mary's. brad waldo dropping a monster game for the gaels. how about a double-double, 21 points and 10 boards? drama in the final seconds at
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mckeen pavilion. a no love lost foul right here causing tempers to flare with both teams needing to be separated. gaels go away winning 69-56. these teams meet once again, mark your calendar, on the hilltop february 26th. also tonight santa clara a 57-40 winner at pacific. that's it for sports. more news coming up after the break.
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we have an update on that missing airasia flight. we told you about the debris spotted in the past couple of hours. well officials are now saying it is red and white debris. that is the color of the airasia airliner. the debris is similar to a plane door. we also heard a life vest and emergency slide was also spotted. the plane with 162 people on board disappeared over the weekend. it was flying from indonesia to singapore. we are told that families are now being called. of course we will have the latest on this on "today in the bay" tomorrow starting at 4:30. thank you very much for joining us. have a great evening. >> good night, folks. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- shailene woodley michael shannon,


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